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Saving the Bees, One Hive at a Time

Bee Rescue Education is a platform dedicated to educating people about bee conservation and offering resources for rescuing and protecting bee populations.

We created a program to help schools and educational about of our live bee removal adventures.

Several years ago, we started with the mission of protecting and rescuing bees. We never imagined that we would get to where we are, a project that became our passion. Looking at the past, seeing what we have learned, and being able to share our experiences is a blessing. Educating people about bees and bee-related products is crucial for promoting informed consumer choices, supporting sustainability, and raising awareness about the significance of bees in our environment and food production.

Why matters to educate future generation.

We work together with Different Schools in Miami-Dade teaching future generations about the importance of bees for our ecosystem. Bees play a vital role in pollinating plants, which helps produce food and support biodiversity. Educating children about the value of bees can instill a sense of environmental responsibility and encourage conservation efforts.


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