Live Bee Rescue is a specialized service that involves the HUMANE and SAFE removal of a bee colony, using NON-LETHAL methods. We save you & the bees!


live bee removal

Florida Bee Rescue is an affordable live bee removal and safe swarm removal company serving South Florida and more. We are operated and registered and licensed to the Florida Apiary Inspection. We remove from walls, ceilings, floors, miscellaneous structures and more. We support our work and guarantee results. Our purpose is to offer alternatives where we never use pesticides or aggressive methods.

Swarm Removal

We are affordable beekeepers that specialize in swarm removals around the South Florida area. A swarm is a large group of bees that has clumped in the open prior to finding a location to start a new home. Swarms usually stay in place for 1 to 3 days in the process of picking a new home in the area.  Do not wait for them to start a new hive somewhere they may not be welcome.


After a bee removal service, we transport the bees alive to a local Florida Bee Rescue apiary where the honeybees are cared for by an experienced beekeeper. Here, the bees can continue to thrive, pollinate, and contribute to our local ecosystem. Do your part to protect our bee populations and contribute to the agricultural system by choosing live bee removal!

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When we perform live bee rescue, the bees are relocated to our apiary in Homestead. Typically, they are moved to beehives or bee boxes. This allows the bees to continue their natural behavior, including pollinating plants and producing honey, in an environment where they won’t pose a threat to people or property.

We can do ALL forms of live bee removal. From structural to superficial, residential to commercial. There is no job too big or too small that we haven’t done.

From  third generation of a family own business that has dedicated more than 40 years experience doing live bee removals,
we’ve made it our mission to care for and protect honey bees. Unlike other pest control companies, we don’t use harmful pesticides that can hurt these vital pollinators. Our approach is safe for both our customers and the bees. Join us in preserving nature’s little heroes!

Bee infestation can escalate quickly, bees build FAST. They start building honeycomb right away – Prevent  long term problems with other insects attracted  by the pheromone of the honey combs. Contact us now to address your bee issue promptly and safely. We’re here to help, so don’t delay – reach out today!

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Florida Bee Rescue is the third generation of a family own business that has dedicated more than 40 years to beekeeping, care, and protection of bees. We are committed to providing the customer a safe, and effective bee removal. Our goal is to rescue bee hives that are in need of a new forever home! Unfortunately, yes, bees can make a hive in the most inconvenient locations for homeowners but there is no need to kill them, instead have them rescued and safely transported to an apiary where they can be properly maintained. We are here to change the norm of killing the bees, but instead save the bees.