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Our history

we are a
family own business

Florida Bee Rescue is the third generation of a family own business that has dedicated more than 40 years to beekeeping, care, and protection of bees. We are committed to providing the customer a safe, and effective bee removal. We will educate and inform you on what your options are and will do the job safely and effectively.

Do your part to protect our bee populations and contribute to the agricultural system by choosing Florida Bee Rescue.

Our Mission

to change people's

Honey bees are responsible for pollinating 80% of all the food we eat, without them we and our planet are in trouble. For the last couple of decades they have been experiencing a phenomenon called Colony Collapse Disorder which is potentially caused by pesticides, parasites, climate change, viruses and fungicides.

Our mission is to change people’s minds on exterminating these amazing little creatures and rather, allow us to safely relocate them so that they can live healthy lives.

Unfortunately, yes, bees can make a hive in the most inconvenient locations for homeowners but there is no need to kill them, instead have them rescued and safely transported to an apairy where they can be properly maintained.We are here to change the norm of killing the bees, but instead save the bees!


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